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Contech Joins Emerson’s Program for Industrial Automation and Controls System Integrators

Rome (Jun 20 2023) – Contech is proud to be recognized as a System

Integrator for deploying solutions from Emerson’s industrial automation and

control portfolio in Italy. The Emerson designation validates Contech’s

automation and service expertise along with their ability to deliver custom end-

to-end solutions that leverage the PACSystemsTM portfolio of programmable logic

controllers, motion, edge solutions and industrial displays.

“We are pleased to recognize Contech as a System Integrator,” said David

Kraft, vice president of global sales, Emerson’s machine automation solutions

business. “Our System Integrator program recognizes select providers who have

deep technical expertise, passion for supporting their customers and are strongly

dedicated to integrity and quality.”

A member of the System Integrator program, Contech will collaborate with

Emerson for regional market growth opportunities, advanced and dedicated

training and increased technical and project support.

For more information on Emerson’s Industrial Automation and Controls portfolio

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